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Situated in Bangkok, Thailand, we are easily reached from most international locations.


Our EASA qualified Type Rating Instructors are current Airbus Captains in Asia, bringing valuable theoretical and operational knowledge to your simulator session.


Our no-frills structure enables premium services at affordable prices.


Your training will be conducted in a state of the art, Level-D Full Flight Simulator. Both A320 and A330 used are approved for UPRT, PBN and LVO training.


Our cost structure is transparent – no surprises – no hidden charges


1 hour FFS


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Frequently asked questions

We are currently using Flight Simulators in Bangkok, Thailand.

Under normal traffic conditions, it should take less than 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International airport, and approximately 1 hour from Don Muang International Airport to reach the Training site by taxi.

Absolutely. Our instructors are EASA qualified Type Rating Instructors (TRI), with extensive international Command experience on the A320 and A330/350 fleet types.

We will tailor your training program based on the airline you are screening with and the length of the session.

For shorter bookings, you can expect a thorough brush-up on the basics, particularly raw data, manual flying.

Longer sessions will rehearse major items and scenarios usually given by specific airlines.

Most major airlines in the region (HNA, CSA, CEB, TJA, BCA, HKA,+).

Of course, we are pleased to keep your costs as low as possible.

Furthermore, your time as Pilot Monitoring may prove very valuable, with additional exposure to normal and non-normal procedures.

Not at all, your instructor can occupy either the Left or the Right Hand Seat (at your discretion) to perform both his/her Pilot Monitoring and Instructional duties.

Preferably, payments should be performed by bank transfer (to be received before the event).

Under exceptional circumstances, such as last minute bookings, US$ cash payments can be made on the day.

An official invoice including VAT will be given for every transaction.

* All prices are in US Dollars and are applicable for simulator events taking place in Bangkok.